Metal Roof
In this site we offer all of our metal roofing prices online, we do not require our customers to email or call us, as required on other sites. We display not only metal roofing prices, we also offer all our trim prices, accessory prices and fastener prices.

In this site we offer 11 different metal roofing and metal wall panel types with pricing in all gauges, colors and warranties; we don't stop there we also do the same pricing for our metal trim, roofing accessories and fastener types. we make it even easier for our customers by taking the time to break our trim in to three sections, 26 gauge Residential, 26 gauge Indistrial and 29 gauge Post Frame also known as Pole Barn Trim.

We invite you to take advantage of "No Sales Tax" as we arecompletely internet based; which we will be glad to discuss with you at time of your order. (Subject To Change)

Freight Amounts
0 - 7499 lbs = $200.00
7,500 - 9999 lbs = $250.00
10,000 - 12,499 lbs = $250.00
12,500 - 14,999 lbs = $250.00
For weights over 15,000 lbs call
for pricing.

Delivery Information
We can deliver directly to you
project location; as long as the
customer has the ability to unload
their orders