Ordering, Sale Tax, and Free Deliver Information

  • Remember we sale ALL products that our manufacturers produce; however, we only display the most commonly sold items. Please call our office for items not listed.
  • Oil canning is a natural occurance in metal panels and is not cause for panel rejection.

    Sales TAX and Disclaimer:
  • South Carolina residents "ONLY", are subject to sales TAX!

  • If you are a South Carolina resident, this is how the sales tax works. We are located in South Carolina, so all items sold to South Carolina buyers are subject to sales tax; having stated this, we do not collect it from you. It is your responsability to claim your sales tax on your yearly taxes; however MRS is not in the business of reporting any of our customers on our taxes. So this is an Honor System...

  • When customers place orders, expect a two to three week lead time before your delivery.
  • All installation & product guides can be down loaded from this site.
  • All orders come with warranty papers if applicable.

  • Orders should be able to be stopped and any time in the first 3 days. The manufacturer will advise how much of the customers product has been manufactured of which the customer will be responsable to pay for.

    Delivery options:
  • No C.O.D." MRS has found that orders get processed faster when paid up front.
  • There are (4) states currently which we do not deliver (Washington, Oregan Utha and Western Montana)
  • We can deliver directly to our customers location; however, customers must have the ability to unload their orders.
  • Customers can also pick up ordered products at our pick-up locations, some of which are our manufactures service centers.

    5215 Leo Street
    Alexandria, LA
    1500 Hamilton Rd
    Bossier City, LA
    3036 Progress Road
    Madison, WI
    409 Lovejoy Road
    Ft. Walton Beach, FL
    3052 Yadkin
    Chesapeake, VA
    9435 US HWY 60 W.
    Lewisport, KY
    10460 Revere Rd.
    Clinton, IL
    5300 83rd St.
    Sacramento, CA
    8304 HWY 70 E.
    N Little Rock, AR
    613 N. Bierdeman Rd.
    Pearl, MS
    165 N. Outer Rd W.
    Valley Park, MO
    1144 Silstar Rd
    Columbia, SC
    10504 E. 59th St
    Indianapolis, IN
    3215 HWY 59
    Diamond, MO
    30000 US HWY 69
    Winston, MO
    3014 Lincoln Ct
    Garland, TX
    1365 Dean Forest Rd.
    Savannah, GA 31405

    Additional Fees:
  • All trim items are 10 feet 3 inch unless noted on pricing pages,
  • For panels or light gauge lengths over 40 feet call
  • For panels or light gauge lengths under 5 feet call
  • All prices are subject to change without notice and those prices at time of shipment will apply.